Dapp audit // Tokenomic planning

Ensure data and workflow security of your dapp,providing smart contract security and dapp audit.Take care of an essential part of the blockchain business model — tokenomic.

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A dapp audit is conducted to identify and assess the security of the project. It includes various tests, from automation to penetration ones, smart contract audits, and more.

Another part of the audit is tokenomic planning. Our teammates develop an effective economic model and a functional description of your dapp. Also, we conduct an audit of the existing tokenomic model.

Why is a dapps audit important?


How do we provide it?


Smart contract source code


Devotech team starts by reviewing the dapp source code, backend, and smart contract side. We divide this stage into 2 parts to ensure everything is well-designed, secure, and optimized.

Automation testing

Our skilled specialists run automated security audits to detec3.5 vulnerabilities and storage slot checks to inspect functions, variables order, and access modifiers. Gas optimization tests are done to test smart contracts, calculate deployment prices and the costs of interactions.

Manual code overview

Here we manually test smart contract interactions, gas optimization, and security. The first stage ends up with a detailed description of all the potential improvements.


Dapp design*


Powered by extensive expertise in smart contract development and designing dapps, our team can evaluate tokenomics and the ecosystem of your project. Also, we provide auditing and correction of existing tokenomics models.


Penetration testing


Penetration testing aims to find security vulnerabilities and offer helpful guidance for fixing them. It includes the smart contracts vulnerabilities test (reentrancy, overflow, self-destruction, etc.) and common client-side issues test (DNS attacks, SQL injections, XSS, DDoS, Css injections, etc.)

secure your dapp and develop a tokenomic model with the DEVOTECH team.